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The Orlando Sentinel has won an award from the Society for News Design‘s Best of Multimedia Design competition for an interactive graphic project completed by CFABJ member Tory Hargro and another multimedia artist.

See Tory’s award-winning project here.

Congrats, Tory!


As multimedia applications evolve at a head-spinning pace, it can sometimes be difficult for journalists to figure which applications to use — and how to use them.

The latest application to come in for scrutiny is the microblogging service Twitter.

Here are two helpful pieces that explain a few ways journalists can use Twitter:

CFABJers, do you tweet? Have you found it helpful in finding or disseminating news? If you have questions about the application, bring them to our April 19 meeting, when we’ll be talking a bit about multimedia.

See an American Journalism Review piece on what modern news organizations have to do to save themselves in a rapidly changing multimedia environment:

Maybe It Is Time to Panic

This is a good piece. Perhaps it’s something we can discuss at our April 19 meeting.

Think because you’re a broadcaster you’re not as much at risk as print reporters in the rush to online?

Think again.

Jeff Zucker, CEO of NBC Universal, says his company’s future lies with its cable news outlet MSNBC — and, increasingly, online.

Pointing out that few people in the audience of students, faculty and media gathered there likely watch the 6:30 p.m. newscast, Zucker said NBC News is lucky to have a cable-news outlet in MSNBC, adding that more and more content will continue to migrate there and to

“The definition of NBC News is really changing,” he added, “and it’s becoming more MSNBC and”